It seems only fair that I balance things out here. The last blog post was all about men and their top knots. If you haven’t read it then here is the link. If you don’t have time to read it then your life is obviously way too important, so stop reading this now and go be important somewhere else.

On to the topic at hand…¬†I’m sure you’ve seen the ladies parading around with their¬†makeup reminiscent of a children’s party where they’ve had a face painter for entertainment. (The difference being that these women are adults and they take their ‘looks’ very seriously.)

The latest trend has been to add to this hideous exterior and have some really thick eyebrows either grown, tattooed or drawn on to be ‘fashionable.’


I once heard that there is a direct correlation between the eyebrows on a woman and how she maintains the growth down under, so if you have stock in hair removal companies like VEET then you might want to sell up quick.

The problem with village idiots these days is that they have the internet to promote their shitty looks, then other village idiots catch wind of the village idiot trend and before you know it the world has gone mad.

I mean, which twat decided that having eyebrows that look like a wooly mammoth would be sexy…?

WOW! copy

This is the TOP KNOT equivalent for females; just listen up ladies! Guys can put up with mediocre looks, that’s why alcohol was invented. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can save you from a baseball bat to the head the morning after a one night stand when the man you’ve bedded wakes up to find large caterpillars crawling on the pillow next to his head.




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